You accelerate the payment date for your invoices by offering a discount or APR which you would be willing to accept to receive early payment.

Click on the green 'Explore Opportunity' or the white 'Build your offer' button to begin.

You first will choose to create a Recurring or a One-Time offer to have your invoices paid earlier.

For this example, we're setting a Recurring Offer. To do this, you would select which customers you want to include in your Recurring offer - this will be an offer that applies to all future invoices uploaded by these customers.

Once you've selected which customers you want to include in this offer, you will be prompted to set a rate of discount to apply to all future invoices. The portal will suggest a 'Trending Rate' that will likely clear future invoices with a similar number of days paid early as the invoices currently on the platform.

The final page will allow you to review all customer details, and confirms your intent to participate with all future invoices with this offer. Once you click submit, this offer will apply to all future invoices loaded by your included customers.

When you've adjusted your offer to your liking, click the green 'submit' button.

A confirmation message will pop up to show you how long you have to make any adjustments to your offer until the next market clear.

Other Options - APR vs. Discount Offers

You have the option to enter your offer as either a discount or an APR- in order to do this, you would need to select 'Name Your Rate' on the 'Set Your Rate' page. Then, click 'Advanced Options' to Place offer in APR.

For more guidance, see the article on comparison of APR to discount offers.

APR is often more advantageous for customers whose invoice upload time varies greatly; we recommend that you reach out to your Supplier Relationship Manager for additional guidance on this for your customers.

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