You accelerate the payment date for your invoices by offering a discount or APR which you would be willing to accept to receive early payment.

Click on the green 'Explore Opportunity' or the white 'Build your offer' button to begin.

You first will choose to create a Recurring or a One-Time offer to have your invoices paid earlier.

For this example, we're setting a One-Time Offer. To do this, you would select which customers you want to speed up terms for on these invoices.

One-Time Offers give you specific rate guidance; you have three choices made available. The far right 'Express Accept' option guarantees early payment on those invoices at the rate displayed. The middle 'Trending Rate' option is likely to be awarded based on the market trends, but it is not guaranteed. The far left 'You Choose' rate allows you to name your rate and will give you a range of rates that are likely to clear the market.

For this example, we will use the 'You Choose' option and place an offer for a 0.4% discount that is likely to clear the daily market. The offer guidance may be used or ignored - whatever you please!

Once you select your rate, you will be moved to the final offer review screen. You have the option to make any final adjustments using the pencils on Total A/R, Your Rate, or Invoices Included before submitting.

For any questions about Estimated Deposit Date, please review the Finding Your Invoices article for more information.

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