You accelerate the payment date for invoices by offering a discount or APR you’d be willing to accept to receive early payment. 

You can choose to enter your offer as either a discount or an APR in the boxes shown. In the dialog box that appears, click “set”, then click “I understand.” This turns your participation on automatically, making your offer “active.” 

For more guidance, see the article on comparison of APR to discount offers

Because C2FO matches offers through matching in our market. It checks to see if your offer will be accepted, it may take up to 60 seconds for the new offer to apply. 

If your offer is "clearing"

The total amount of your available invoices will display in the green “Clearing” box. 

“Clearing” means that your offer is currently sufficient to accelerate your invoices, and would be accepted by your customer. The currency discount that would be applied based on your offer is also calculated and displayed. 

If your offer is “non-clearing” 

“Non-clearing” means the offer you entered is currently too low to be accepted for today’s market. If the offer you enter is too low, you can always try a higher offer. 

The total of your available invoices will display in red, under the heading “Non-clearing.” 

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