C2FO (Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization) is a program that is managed on behalf of your customers to help your business improve cash flow.

Early payment on approved invoices
Instead of borrowing money from a third-party or using a static or “less-than dynamic” discounting method, C2FO gives you the power to negotiate early payment on approved invoices, on demand, and at a rate you choose.

On-demand funding where you Name Your Rate™
Because you control the rate, you can access funding for your business at a lower cost than other options, such as factoring. The program is also flexible. You can choose which approved invoices you want paid early. You can use C2FO whenever you need to control your cash flow.

C2FO is NOT:

  • A factoring service

  • Supply chain financing

  • An electronic payment alternative

  • A traditional bank loan or asset-based lending

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